Re: DVD ripper that works with NVDA?

George McCoy

Apologies for the confusion.

I have some .iso files that contain classic tv programs. The .iso files were made for backup purposes. The  dvd disks are degraded and are now unplayable. I can mount the .iso images. They appear in the devices list on "This Pc" and I can open them and see the files list.

I could, of course, burn them onto dvds again, but what I'd really like to do is convert the files to a windows compatible format directly from the .iso images.

I looked into using vlc, but it streams the dvd content and records it ina windows compatible file format. That means that the programs are converted in real time. I have roughly 150 hours of content. I'd like to convert it before I die of old age. 😉

I want both audio and video so I can enjoy these old shows again with my sighted wife and children.

I think Handbreak might do the trick, but I'm finding it difficult to navigate with nvda. If anyone has ripped dvd disks with handbreak, I'd appreciate it if you would email me offlist and give me some pointers. Maybe it would also handle mounted .iso files.

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