Re: Word 2013 ribbon and NVDA 2020.3

Lukasz Golonka

I might be able to fix this but I don't have access to any Office 2013
machine. Would you be able to provide me a log as follows:

Restart with add-ons disabled.
Set log level to debug
In NVDA's advanced settings in the debug logging group enable MSAA
logging category - ensure that all other categories are disabled to
declutter the log.
- Try tabbing through the ribbon when it is collapsed.

Please send content of the log viewer privately to me.


On Tue, 29 Dec 2020 20:02:27 +0100
"bering.p" <> wrote:

Hi Lucas.
Effectively, the operation I have described is when the ribbon is reduced.
I can access to the lower ribbon when ribbon is not reduced.
I hadn't paid attention to this.
However, this is not a problem for NVDA 2020.1 and 2019.3.
Best regards.
Le 29/12/2020 18:34, Lukasz Golonka via a écrit :

Hello Paul, On Tue, 29 Dec 2020 17:27:52 +0100 "bering.p" <><> wrote:
Hi, I am with NVDA 2020.3, windows 10 2004, french Word 2013 and I have a problem with the ribbon. NVDA speaks only "pane" when I select a tab of the ribbon (by space key) to expand lower ribbon. I can no browse the lower ribbon with "Tab". I have this problem also with NVDA 2020.2 but not with NVDA 2020.1 or 2019.3. Tests done with copy of NVDA and add-ons disabled.
It is possible I am the one responsible for this regression as I've introduced some changes to the way in which ribbons are accessed in older versions of Office during NVDA 2020.2 development cycle. Is this happening for you only when ribbon is collapsed?

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