Re: problems using NVDA with my new laptop


Since you are using a laptop NVDA should be on laptop keyboard layout.

On 12/29/20, Betsy Grenevitch <> wrote:
I am trying to use the numpad commands for such things as going to the
top of a file or an email. I have tried to use shift plus numpad 7. It
does not work. Yes, the number are not on.

On 12/29/2020 5:18 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
The fact that this is occurring on a laptop also leads me to suspect
that it, like so many, has the function keys set by default to be
media and other system settings (e.g. volume and screen brightness)
control keys.

They would have to be set back to "regular function key mode" if
that's the case and how that's done varies by make and model of laptop.

I'm also curious what commands, specifically (and by keystroke
sequence), are not working?  That can help to point to both the root
problem and its solution.

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