Re: Word 2013 ribbon and NVDA 2020.3

Lukasz Golonka

Unfortunately list does not allow attachments, so I haven't got your log.
Please activate the link that says ', Reply To Sender' at the bottom of
the message and attach it there.


On Wed, 30 Dec 2020 07:39:37 +0100
"bering.p" <> wrote:

Hi Lucas.
I cannot send you  the log with this e-mail address:
So I try to send it on the list.
Attached is the log.
Best regards.
Le 29/12/2020 21:29, Lukasz Golonka via a écrit :

I might be able to fix this but I don't have access to any Office 2013 machine. Would you be able to provide me a log as follows: Restart with add-ons disabled. Set log level to debug In NVDA's advanced settings in the debug logging group enable MSAA logging category - ensure that all other categories are disabled to declutter the log. - Try tabbing through the ribbon when it is collapsed. Please send content of the log viewer privately to me.

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