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Betsy Grenevitch

Chris, thank you so much. I just realized because of what you said that I needed to make sure the function keys were set to allow home to work with F9 and somehow they had gotten reset. Thankfully, I do not have to go into the bios to change their function but my daughter found that I just need to do escape plus F-end.

You all have been so helpful for me and I have taken notes to have in the future in case I forget since I have memory problems. Thank you so much to those who make this list available to those of us who need it from time to time.

    On 12/30/2020 8:53 AM, Chris Mullins wrote:

Hi Betsy

The home key is used to move to the top of a list and this is a Windows key command rather than a NVDA command.  One of the responses mentioned the FN key which laptops use as a modifier key to enable the addition  of media keys and I suspect this is the issue here.  Try switching on NVDA keyboard help mode using NVDA+1 (on the number row not the keypad).  The keypresses will then be announced not actioned,so you can check if you are pressing what you think you are pressing as for example NVDA will say “Home” when you press the Home key.  If “Home” is not announced then you may have to use the FN key as a modifier together with the home key to make the home key function properly.  Press NVDA+1 again to return to normal keyboard entry mode. 


Many manufacturers set up their machines so that media keys are the default and you have to use the FN modifier to use, for example, function keys.  There is likely to be a BIOS setting that you can set to reverse this behaviour I.e. the keyboard will then behave as you are used to and you have to use the FN modifier for media key functions.  Note: you will require sighted assistance to access the BIOS.  





From: Betsy Grenevitch
Sent: 29 December 2020 22:03
Subject: [nvda] problems using NVDA with my new laptop


I received a new laptop and my daughter thought she had exported

everything properly but a lot of the NVDA commands are not working such

as going to the top of a list of emails, going to the top of a file etc.

I am using Windows 10 and the NVDA is set to desktop layout.



I would definitely appreciate if someone could help me figure out what

is going on.



It is an Asus laptop.







Betsy Grenevitch 678-862-3876






Betsy Grenevitch 678-862-3876

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