NVDA using braille in multi-lingual text environment

Mary Otten

Hi all,

I have recently ordered a braille display. One of the things I'd like to do with it is access multi-lingual texts, e.g. websites, which have both English and cyrillic alphabets in use. In order to do that efficiently, one would need to have a braille table that included both of these alphabets, grade II English and uncontracted Russian, active at the same time, or somehow have a combined table with both at once. Is that possible? Where I use to work, we had that, but it was on a completely different system, built in house, based on unix, so not relevant here, I shouldn't think.

I know that on my iPhone, if I have the right voices available, the speech will switch easily from English to Russian, but that hasn't happened for me on the pc, even though I do have English and Russian voices installed from the same source. Maybe that's not even related. I just put it out there as an additional piece of info.


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