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brian, I also welcome all your found knowledge of how you approach things and how you make things really well to understand for us blind users. Thanks for you being the moderator of all these different lists that you run with the amount of time that you have in the day. Thank you very much I also support all your efforts and I also have been in communications back and forth with you privately on email chassis communications so I also support everything that you're doing to help out the blind community. Thank you very much and have a good happy holidays. Take care.

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Rosemarie and Arlene,

           I just wanted to thank you for your kind words, and particularly for your saying you'd forgotten or not known that I am sighted.  I do mention this occasionally because I do not want anyone, on any of the blind technology groups on which I participate, to ever believe I am trying to impersonate a blind person nor making any claim that I can or do know, a in lived experience sense, what it is to be blind.  I've simply worked with blind technology and individuals who are blind and visually impaired for quite a few years now and that's taught me an awful lot.

           But it's very nice to know that, at least for the most part, much of what I now write in these venues reads in such a way that the fact that I see is not at all readily obvious unless I bring it up or someone else does.  There are times where the fact that I can see is relevant, and it makes perfect sense for that to be mentioned when it is.  But when it's not germane to the conversation it just isn't.

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