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That’s right. He doesn’t give instructions like a sighted person. That’s why I thought he was blind like us!  Well, Sighted, Deaf or blind we all can operate a computer and learn off one another. I don’t care as long as the person has good knolege. If the person knows what one needs and can communicate the way some users communicate then all the world to them.  I’m sure brian will continue to be a good Moderator. 


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I think Arlene was just trying to say that Brian doesn't instruct like

most sighted folks. The context of the message bears that out, I



Full moon. It hsows. Last of 2020. Ow-oo. Happy New Year, all.


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> Very well said.

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> Hello Arlene,

> I would like to challenge your message and thinking a little bit. I am

> posting publicly, because it is an important topic. While you seem to be in

> support of Brian, I couldn't help but notice that you stated that Brian

> doesn't sound "blind".

> What does a blind person sound like? Is it really necessary to judge people

> as sounding a certain way? Isn't it better if we choose to not judge, not

> have preconceived notions which divide us and put barriers between us? Isn't

> the rest of the world already divided? Should we not model, as a community,

> the very definition of non-discrimination? That is my ideal, anyway, my hope

> in writing this message. We all are human beings. We all are beautiful,

> unique souls. The things that bring us together should be the things we

> honor and acknowledge. Brian brings so many strengths to the table as a

> moderator, we should all appreciate those things about Brian that makes him

> the wonderful individual that he is. Same goes for anyone else on this list.

> We all have struggles, we all have cultural differences, we all have

> differing opinions on politics and whatever else, but at the end of the day,

> every single one of you are all beatutiful, human souls, regardless of your

> physical characteristics.

> For me, I welcome anyone on this list, and as a moderator, without regard to

> any physical, religious, sex, etc characteristics, and I urge everyone to

> drop your preconceived notions as to who any of us are, and focus please, on

> the things that bring us together, and celebrate those things that make us

> unique.

> Thank you everyone for the support you are showing Brian.

> On Wed, Dec 30, 2020 at 11:32 AM Arlene <nedster66@...

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> I had no clue you can see. The way you talk like the blind users. I thought

> you were blind like us.  Well, keep up the good work. You’d be a good

> advocate for blind users who have to fight with isp providers.  You know how

> they say click here or there. They have no clue that you are a blind user.

> I’ve encountered someone who had no clue that I don’t see.  The person said

> Oh don’t listen to the screen reader listen to me. I said that screen reader

> helps me help you see the screen.  He tried to tell me to click a green box.

> Just then a sighted friend who happened to know how to talk like us blind

> users.  She told the person on the phone that I don’t see.  He felt like a

> fool! This screen reader was NVDA.  I don’t know if this is true. This

> friend said that NVDA looks more like windows. She described that it

> interacts more like you would see windows like a sighted person.  Some of

> the key commands are similar to Jaws.  Even my food safe tutor said the NVDA

> screen reader looks more like windows.  He had full sight.

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> Rosemarie and Arlene,

>            I just wanted to thank you for your kind words, and particularly

> for your saying you'd forgotten or not known that I am sighted.  I do

> mention this occasionally because I do not want anyone, on any of the blind

> technology groups on which I participate, to ever believe I am trying to

> impersonate a blind person nor making any claim that I can or do know, a in

> lived experience sense, what it is to be blind.  I've simply worked with

> blind technology and individuals who are blind and visually impaired for

> quite a few years now and that's taught me an awful lot.

>            But it's very nice to know that, at least for the most part, much

> of what I now write in these venues reads in such a way that the fact that I

> see is not at all readily obvious unless I bring it up or someone else does.

>  There are times where the fact that I can see is relevant, and it makes

> perfect sense for that to be mentioned when it is.  But when it's not

> germane to the conversation it just isn't.

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