Re: NVDA using braille in multi-lingual text environment

Mary Otten

I was talking with a friend of mine who uses JAWS at work. He says that when using braille, he can see multi-language text properly presented in braille. I am not trying to do a JAWS is better post here. I am, however, interested to know if something like that could be made possible with NVDA. Apparently, in apps, such as Word, most web browsers and mail clients, if text is properly tagged with regard to its language, you get this seamless switching of braille tables in JAWS that presents the text properly. And it should do the same with speech, if the speech profile you have enabled has voices in it that will properly read your text. I know that does not happen with NVDA, because I can set my speech to my Ivona voices, where I have both Russian and English, but the language does not switch when I'm looking at a mixed language page. That is, unless there has been a recent change, since I haven't tried any mixed language pages on my pc recently, because it didn't work before, and I hadn't seen any notices that this had been changed.


On 12/30/2020 9:55 AM, Jason White via wrote:

On 12/30/20 12:29 PM, Mary Otten wrote:
I have recently ordered a braille display. One of the things I'd like to do with it is access multi-lingual texts, e.g. websites, which have both English and cyrillic alphabets in use. In order to do that efficiently, one would need to have a braille table that included both of these alphabets, grade II English and uncontracted Russian, active at the same time, or somehow have a combined table with both at once. Is that possible?
It's possible, but I don't know whether such a table is available. Note also that the BrailleExtender add-on for NVDA allows you to switch tables easily - not what you need in this case, but at least a short-term solution.

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