Re: NVDA 2016.3 and Speech hub

Isaac Porat


As I said I maintain SpeechHub, No new features since July 2015 but I make sure everything works as I use it myself.

I have tried SpeechHub with the NVDA latest version 2016.3 and it works fine.

Assuming you installed SpeechHub and have installed the NVDA add-on supplied with the installer (instructions on the website) it should work.

It works well with Java 8 (Java 7 is insecure if you have it, you should remove it anyway).
A problem encountered by some people is with their firewall. SpeechHub is an internal server and you need to make sure that Java is allowed to communicate.

If anybody has a problem, you are welcome to contact me at:

The website is at:


On 06/09/2016 07:57, Dang Manh Cuong wrote:
To all listers
Using NVDA 2016.3RC2, and the speech hub add-on didn't work. Try reinstall, and NvDA faild to install that add-on.
Just a quick report.
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