Strategies for navigating YouTube comments using NVDA?

Luke Robinett <blindgroupsluke@...>

Hi folks,


I find navigating the YouTube comments section on the desktop site using my Windows machine to be cumbersome. First, getting to the comments section itself can be a chore. It sits under a level 2 heading but pressing “2” in browse mode sometimes reports no heading at level 2 and other times it takes you there as expected. Sometimes it helps to go to the end of the page and then press shift “2,” but even this seems hit-or-miss.

Once you’ve made your way into the comments section, there doesn’t seem to be any easy way to quickly move from one comment/reply to the next. Just pressing control and down arrow to move through elements takes a long time because each comment has numerous elements – screen name, timestamp, comment itself, any links or hashtags they may have included, like button, dislike button, reply button and so on. On the iOS YouTube app using VoiceOver, each comment is treated as a single object and you can use the rotar to interact with it, but there doesn’t seem to be anything resembling that behavior with NVDA.

I pressed question mark to get Google’s list of keyboard shortcuts for YouTube but they’re all mostly related to controlling video playback. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions?





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