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Don H

Links work as they should which are part of a email message body and all the other links on the bottom of the messages work as they should just the reply to sender doesn't work. Using the latest version of thunderbird on a win 10 20h2.

On 1/1/2021 11:12 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
There are any number of reasons that could be.  More information is needed.
Presuming the Reply to Sender link is formatted correctly as mailto:personxyz@... <mailto:personxyz@...> then it should open correctly in either the e-mail client you have set in Windows as the default client or in the webmail you're using if you activate it there.
What's happening?  Any error messages?  Do you have a default e-mail client defined and is that client the same as the one you're reading in?  There are a number of things that need checking.
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