silencing certain reading of tables in NVDA

Bob Cavanaugh

Hi all,
Okay this is kind of a weird problem, and one that has just cropped up
in the last few months as Wikipedia has reformatted the table at the
top of their radio station articles. The table appears as follows:
First five or six rows read fine, column and row reports are a bit
annoying but I know how to turn those off if wanted.
The next row contains murged columns with the subheading programming.
The next several rows contain the programming information, reading
that before every row and column announcement.
Then another set of murged columns, this one saying ownership. Again,
NVDA reads these with the subheadings after every column.
Then it's history, technical information, and links. So, by the time
you get to the end of the table, you have NVDA saying "row 24 links
technical information history ownership programming" before it gets to
the actual information in the table. As I said, I know how to turn off
row and column reporting if desired, but how do I stop NVDA from
reading all these subheadings in every row and column of the table?

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