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Christo de Klerk

Hello all

A few years ago I realised that Brian is sighted from the way he described the visual appearance of what was on a screen in a given situation. I then posted an email saying how amazed I was that a sighted person participated at such a committed level in discussions about a screen reader, assisting and informing blind users. Through the years I have notice Brian continuing to go out of his way to assist, advise and inform. The documents he has written have been of immense assistance to me. I have developed the greatest respect for Brian and his opinions. I read every one of his posts, even when the subject does not particularly interest me at the time.

Just recently I had personal experience of his assistance. Those of you who are also on the Windows 10 list may remember the long thread about a very weird Windows issue I was experiencing which necessitated a repair instal - except that Windows would not allow me to do a repair install. Brian stayed with my issue, giving guidance and suggestions with infinite patience. It was astonishing to me how much of an effort he was making to try and get my system healthy again. Some other listers started posting messages of the kind, enough already, time for a clean install, but Brian did not give up. He discovered an article explaining that there was a Windows bug which prevented a repair install and that tit would be fixed in the December update.

The December update came, I applied it and the repair install worked and this computer is now running as good as new. Brian had rescued the day for me and saved me so much hassle of having to reinstall everything, some things which I might not even have been able to reinstall.

This list is such a valuable resource with someone like Brian around to assist and inform us. I absolutely agree with his attitude that people should not be spoon-fed, but also make an effort themselves first. That is the best way to learn and remember.

Brian, thank you so much for the value you bring to this list and the Windows 10 list and contributing to making them such informative forums.

Kind regards


On 2021/01/02 03:14am, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 01:29 AM, Buddy Brannan wrote:
All of this “sighted world” and “blind world” and what not drives me up a tree.
Buddy, first and foremost thanks for your kind words.  Also to all others who've offered same.  It is neither unnoticed nor unappreciated; it's nice to get feedback that the things I do matter and are helpful.

But a number of people have brought up the particular trope noted above, and I'd simply say that if you don't like "world" on either one of those phrases try "sphere" or "bubble."

I think that each and every one of us here has a "sphere" or "bubble" (possibly more than one) in which we find ourselves immersed at times that is not "the world at large."  Each and every one of us also lives in that, too.  I have been involved in community theater for decades, and when doing shows and such I at times am in "the theater bubble."  You get constrained, to some extent, by degree of focus at the moment.  I am also a gay man, and know what people mean in the LGBTQ community when the phrase "the gay world" gets used.  It simply indicates that, in the respect of being LGBTQ, there are times where the "among my people" feeling, and the subculture feeling, predominates over being a part of the world at large.

There are "us versus them" situations, but talking about different worlds need not have that aspect.  We each inhabit multiple communities. We can and do sometimes dive into those "worlds/spheres/bubbles" by choice or circumstance, without there really being a trace of "us versus them" as part of it.  I can get why any given individual has spheres, sometimes interlocking and other times not, where the sense of "being among my people" at  the moment is in no way unhealthy. It's also without even a trace of malice or ill-will toward those who are not in the "my people" class at that moment.  And we glide effortlessly between them all.

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