Thanks for your reply.

First of all, how to deal with java access bridge? do I have to set up something or install something?

Second, yes, I would like to join the math mailing list. Could I

Do you mean this one

mohammad suliman 於 2/1/2021 1:37 寫道:

Hello all,

From what I have heard in the past, SPSS is partially accessible. Haven't tested that my self, so can't provide  my experience. I think that there where some accessibility changes in recent years, because a friend of mine has told me that the software wasn't accessible. However, the issue is, since this program is java based, then to have it accessible, you need to enable and configure the so called Java Access Bridge. I am welling to help with this because I have done this a few years a go, I need to remind myself with the details, but this is ok. I also can suggest to try to ask the same question on the blind math list, I think they will be more helpful to you. Let me know if you need help with joining or something else.

All the best!
On Fri, 1 Jan 2021 at 11:36 Sharad Koirala <shakoirala@...> wrote:
hi william,
I have been skipping the part of works that use SPSS as much as
possible and when it is not possible I ask my sighted friends to do
the calculations and give me the final analyses in a word document.
thanks to them for preparing tables of the results and providing it to


On 12/31/20, William <xsuper.sillyx@...> wrote:
> Well, you mentioned that you need to use SPSSS regularly, so how do you
> use it if it is not accessible?
> harad Koirala 於 31/12/2020 11:17 寫道:
>> hi,
>> my work also requires regular use of SPSS which I have been skipping on my
>> own loss.
>> I had raised the issue about it in the NVDAcon Asia which happened around
>> 2015-16 where Joseph Lee was very elaborate in answering the question but
>> the technicalities could not go into my head :) (I am not a wise tech
>> user). Anyway, the conclusion was that SPSS was not accessible with NVDA
>> and changes were to be made by both IBM (the developer of SPSS) and NVDA
>> to make it usable with a screen reader.
>> Since then, I have been waiting for the development.
>> Sincerely yours,
>> Dr. Sharad Koirala
>> Lecturer
>> Department of Community Medicine
>> Gandaki Medical College, Pokhara, Nepal

Dr. Sharad Koirala
Department of Community Medicine
Gandaki Medical College, Pokhara, Nepal

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