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Judging from the version number Java Access Bridge on that page is
extremely old and should not be used unless you need compatibility with
very old versions of Java.
Since Java 7 or Java 8 (can't recall specific version number) Access
Bridge installs itself when installing JDK / JRE and just need to be
activated in control panel.


On Sat, 02 Jan 2021 08:07:51 -0800
"Brian Vogel" <> wrote:

If anyone happens to know of a source other than Oracle for the latest ZIP file for the installer for Java Access Bridge please share it.  This is the Oracle page on <>Installing Java Access Bridge v2.0.2.  When you follow the link to download, you must have an Oracle Account to log in, which I created, but when you get to what should be the download page you get the message:
This site is experiencing technical difficulty. We are aware of the issue and are working as quick as possible to correct the issue.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

To speak with an Oracle sales representative: 1.800.ORACLE1.

To contact Oracle Corporate Headquarters from anywhere in the world: 1.650.506.7000.

To get technical support in the United States: 1.800.633.0738.

Well, they've been aware of this since at least early November, which is when I first attempted to obtain Java Access Bridge and had a lengthy exchange with Oracle Support by phone after going through what felt like several circles of hell in the Inferno.  The gentleman I finally dealt with seemed sincerely interested in helping, and was able to replicate this error, and even called me back once.  After that, the ball was dropped.

Believe it or not, I am getting an error message related to Java Access Bridge from the installer for Crucial Storage Executive, their control utility for many of their SSDs.  I recently got one and cannot get this software to install because I have no Java Access Bridge and Oracle has made it impossible to obtain it.

If anyone reading here happens to have contacts inside Oracle whose cages could be rattled please consider this a request from me to do that rattling.  I find it almost criminal that an issue like this, which should have a simple solution, has gone unaddressed for several months after being reported directly to support and to a real person in support.
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