Lukasz Golonka

On Sat, 02 Jan 2021 12:12:02 -0800
"Brian Vogel" <> wrote:


        Thank you, very much.  I definitely would never have thought to look in the Ease of Access settings, and buried under the Use your computer without a screen link, for enabling Java Access Bridge.  It was there exactly as you stated, and I am on Windows 10 Version 20H2.
Back in the day when Oracle actually cared about Java on desktop it was
documented on their website, no idea how this is now.

         I'm actually shocked that this does not show up in some obvious spot in the actual Java settings accessed from Control Panel, but I'll be darned if I could find it when I checked.
This is quite logical - without Access Bridge enabled Java control panel
is not accessible so placing a control for enabling it there would not
work for anyone using a screen reader.

         I'm still getting the error from Crucial Storage Executive, but I have not restarted my system yet because tweaking that setting did not indicate this was necessary.  But I've long ago learned that sometimes certain settings are not recognized unless they were in place at the immediately previous boot time.
This one definitely requires a restart, or at least logging out and back
in to apply properly.
Looking at your log for Crucial Storage executive however I very much
doubt having Java Access Bridge enabled would improve the situation. TO
me it looks like whatever version of Java is bundled with CSE has
incomplete installation of Access Bridge.


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