Sorry, I am a bit loss.

According to Joseph, latest NVDA do have java access bridge packaged already, so I dont have to install java access bridge myself right?

Lukasz Golonka via 於 3/1/2021 6:00 寫道:

On Sat, 02 Jan 2021 13:26:42 -0800
"Brian Vogel" <britechguy@...> wrote:

While I'm not doubting you, this is even more bizarre.  That control panel entry, when opened, presents like virtually any other, and uses a Windows style, with tabs, that predates Windows 10 by years.  Why it should behave any differently is a mystery.
It's simply written in Java and without Access Bridge enabled no app
using Sphinx (default library for building GUI's in Java) can
communicate with screen readers.

Thanks also for the tip about CSE, which I suspect is right.  A restart didn't fix things, and I have since uninstalled.  I will eventually restart and reinstall, but since I have done that before, to no avail, I'm really not expecting a different result now.
Assuming that you want CSE to just run and you don't care about it being
accessible to screen readers you probably can just disable Java Access
Bridge from control panel, delete the file ''
from your %userprofile% and then try running CSE again. Make sure not to
launch NVDA after you do the disabling / deleting because it activates
JAB by default without any way to disable it.

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