Re: Say all in word working in a strange way

Chris Mullins


Gene is correct, you use the shift key as a pause toggle when using the Say All command.  Pressing the control key stops the Say All command and it appears to leave the cursor at the point that Say All has red to.





From: Gene
Sent: 03 January 2021 14:17
Subject: Re: [nvda] Say all in word working in a strange way


What happens if you stop reading with control?  While its slightly more

inconvenient to issue the read to end command again, that my work around the

problem until you may find a solution.  Also, isn't pause done with the

shift and not the arrow keys?  I haven't used the [pause or skim reading

feature but I believe you are using the incorrect command just to pause

reading.  I think its shift to pause, then shift to resume.



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From: Declan Meenagh

Sent: Sunday, January 03, 2021 7:07 AM


Subject: [nvda] Say all in word working in a strange way




Hello everyone.


Has anyone got the issue where after you hit say all (insert + down arrow)

and want to pause you hit down or right arrow and instead of moving cursor

to the bottom it moves it to the point where you started say all. This is

happening in large documents that are hard to navigate. Is there a way to

move the cursor to the end of the text?


I’m on windows 10 and office 365.










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