On Sun, Jan 3, 2021 at 06:57 AM, Lukasz Golonka wrote:
I can't comment on SPSS as such, but recent versions of NVDA not only bundles JAB but also should activate it by default.
I believe you are absolutely right because of my having followed your workaround instructions to get temporary access to Crucial Storage Executive and how same "disappeared" after running NVDA (not reinstalling it, just firing it up) once after having deleted the file:

in the %userprofile% folder/directory.  Running NVDA put it right back.

That being said, there is a word of caution, even though it is back, and this clearly indicates that JAB is active, the checkbox in Ease of Access center is NOT checked for Enable Java Access Bridge.  It wasn't for me even at the outset of all of this.  So it appears that things like NVDA can install and activate Java Access Bridge without the Ease of Access Center knowing that they've done so, or at least without directly indicating that they've done so.

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