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Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 12:07 AM 12/31/2020, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
We live in a sighted world. You must think in sighted terms, no matter
your age. I was taught like this by an older instructor of music. None
of us got left behind, and for those of us that did, they dropped
quickly leaving the rest of us to pass.

Sighted folks rarely think in blind terms; when they do, it's usually because they work with us or have appointed themselves our advocates. There's a difference between knowing how to speak another language in order to communicate with more people, and being taught to denigrate your own language as inferior. i happen to speak six languages to varying extents of fluency, so plenty of translation goes on in my mind all the time. However, I don't intrinsically assume that English is superior to all other languages because it's a global lingua franca. After all, the vast majority of the world's population does not speak English at all. Nonetheless, people from al over the world realize that English allows people from different countries and continents to communicate in a common language that they otherwise wouldn't share.
In our case, the language of pointing and clicking is a relatively recent arrival to the computer lexicon. Before that, most computer concepts were understood from a command line perspective. Besides, there is a more neutral and inclusive alternative to "point and click": activate. This one word conveys many important messages, most important, that there are numerous ways to activate elements besides using the physical mouse, and that even sighted users can opt for keyboard activation.
Telling anyone to point and click is like telling them to obtain food by driving a specific car to a specific grocery store. In reality, they could take a bus or train, hitch a ride, ask for a lift, even walk to a grocery store; a specific car make and model is far from the only means of conveyance, just as pointing and clicking are not the only ways to activate elements.
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