Re: Questions regarding SwitchSynth

Fawaz Abdul rahman

Hi, if I remember correct, you hit the slot you want then you press NVDA+shift+control+v.



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From: Sharad Koirala
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my question could sound very basic..

but how do we assign different synthesizers to different slots in this

addon?  I am not being able to do it..


thank you,


On 1/4/21, Jacob Kruger <jacob@...> wrote:

> Morne, one question - if you turn on input help, and, hit the keystroke

> assigned to selecting the first slot, what does it tell you?

> As in, make sure there's no other bit of functionality assigned to

> selecting the first slot?

> Jacob Kruger

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> On 2020-12-31 12:45 PM, Morne van der Merwe wrote:


>> Good day list,


>> I use a laptop with the latest version of Windows, as well as NVDA.


>> I have two questions regarding the SwitchSynth addon.


>> According to the addon, there are six slots to load languages on. The

>> first slot, however, doesn’t work. I can only load language from slot

>> 2 onwards.


>> When I select my language, the settings ring does not work. I have to

>> reload NVDA in order for the settings ring to function.


>> Any help will be much appreciated.


>> Regards


>> Morné







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