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Orlando Enrique Fiol wrote, in part, "Sighted folks rarely think in blind terms." This is absolutely true, and I have to ask, "Why should they?" Each and every one of us thinks in terms appropriate to the sensory palette that we happen to possess, and I don't know of many who think in terms outside that. Do you think, "in deaf terms?" I'd say it's almost certain you don't, nor do I. This is true of me because I can't sign and true of someone who can't see for precisely the same reason, but why you can't sign and I can't sign may have different roots.

As to your assertion that there is a denigration of blind-centric language, I just don't see that anywhere.  Stating that one needs to understand and be fluid in the conventions of the larger world, even when there are additional and different conventions within a subculture, isn't denigrating the subculture at all.  It's simply stating a fact.

And your analogy regarding people giving specific instructions when myriad alternatives exist just doesn't hold water.  It is up to the listener, as Sarah has said, to apply the principles someone's offered in one way to whatever way they use.  That's how the world, all of it, works.  No one can possibly know what all the exceptions to something they're offering might be in reference to another.  And if that another doesn't understand, they ask for clarification, or should.  Getting and giving assistance or information is a two-way exchange, or sometimes must be.

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