Re: Admin's Notes Re List Conduct, Please Read #adminnotice

Chris Smart

LOL! At least she didn't dictate it without punctuation.

On 2021-01-04 11:14 a.m., Orlando Enrique Fiol via wrote:
At 12:12 AM 12/31/2020, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
I don't even do that much. I expect a person to read and read a
manual, a
quick start guide, etc before asking any lists for help. in fact on many
of the lists I run I say "to cut down on traffic, do you own research
first before coming to us." I've learned a lot by googling or trying to
read a quick start guide if it is out there. One example is on the block
chain, but that I won't go into here. That is one of many examples where
i shove my nose into a something and attempt to memorize.
First of all, learn to use a freaking spell checker. What should have been the word "read" came out as the string "RRY," which means nothing.  I corrected six errors in this hastily-typed email just to understand its simplistic significance. Just as you want to tell blind people to point and click when you know which other terms would be more relatable and effective, you want to type these emails however you please, leaving us to figure out what you mean through your misspellings. Bottom line: Sarah doesn't have to change what how she says or how she types it. We have to work around her. This is not how the "sighted world" works, sweet pea. I've had academic papers sent back and even rejected for spell checking and formatting issues. So, if you're going to insist on us adapting to the sighted world, do it yourself, girl. Learn to use a freaking spell checker.

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