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On Mon, Jan 4, 2021 at 11:40 AM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
I do picture visual images as that's how I was taught.
But, Sarah, the only way you can do that is if you, at one time, had enough vision to even have "visual images" as a concept.  Those totally blind since birth do not think visually in the way I do, that's for sure.  And any instruction related to color as an identifier is off the table, period, because it is not helpful as a classifier to someone who's never had the ability to process color.

You really don't seem to get "how you read" in many instances, nor do you often revise what you've said to more accurately depict what you actually do, although you will on occasion.

Saying that someone who's never been able to see, "are expected to know how things look, to the best of our ability," is the equivalent of saying, of a totally deaf person, that they "are expected to know how things sound, to the best of their ability."  It's a completely meaningless concept to someone who has never had a given sense, and even I will say that it's insulting to expect something of someone that their own sensory palette makes impossible in any meaningful way.

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