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Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 11:37 AM 1/4/2021, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
I actually took a music test with the staff alone, learned how to read
it with my fingers.
That would have been a raised staff inherently designed for you to feel rather than see. Had you been given a real sheet of staff paper, it would have felt blank to you, no more decipherable than any other print page.

I'm in a sighted world. By the way I got a 79 on
the printed test . I needed a 70 to pass.
Good gracious! When I got into the University of Pennsylvania, we all had to take a basic musicianship class for which there was a preliminary exam. On the appointed day, I showed up for the exam, surprising the professor, who insisted that no provisions had been made to administer my exam. He gave me the option to wait until the other students finished their exams to discuss alternate accommodations. I waited dutifully. When I was sure everyone had left, I sat down at the piano and played back, note for note, his rhythmic and melodic dictations, as well as the 100% exact four-part harmony of a Bach chorale. See, Sarah, there are many more important musical skills than being able to decipher a raised-line staff.

I also learned the symbols for
bowing, dynamics etc. It's better better than braille music any day.
Are you serious? The only way you would be able to feel those symbols is on a raised-line score, which are exceedingly rare. Were you presented with an average print score, your supposed knowledge of print bowing and dynamics symbols would be useless, since you couldn't access those symbols on the page.

and by the way I still will write and use click. You are expected to
know the terms and use them and translate them into keyboard or finger
actions or even probably head stick actions if you have to.
I've dealt with very high-level computer scientists, none of whom were punished for writing or saying "activate" rather than "click".


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