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Chris Smart

Orlando, if you don't think of wave forms in at least a rudimentary visual way, how do you understand the concept of zsplicing the audio at zero crossings then?

On 2021-01-04 11:31 a.m., Orlando Enrique Fiol via wrote:
At 01:40 PM 12/31/2020, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
I disagree 100 percent. I actually do think "click tools" while I press
alt t, or whatever.
Is that so? Let's test whether your supposed inner thought actually works. Turn off your screen reader and stow away your keyboard, leaving nothing but a silent computer and a mouse. What would pointing to and clicking Tools mean to you then, when you couldn't even find Tools on the screen? Your
claim is entirely disingenuous; you only cling to it out of the necessity to promote a ridiculous position. When you press alt+T, you know damn well that, in your case, and in the rest of ours, it is that key command that is bringing down Tools; no pointing or clicking are involved.

When I do my sound editing in windows or mac using
reaper I thinkĀ  "adjust the wave form to reflect blah blah blah." so yes
I do think in sighted terms. or I'm drawing a sign wave, etc and I'm
clicking these two points to do such, with the keyboard. so yes you must
think in sighted terms in order to understand mostĀ  things now a days.
Your thinking on this issue is downright toxic to everyone compelled to call you "teacher." Sound is not wave forms in a pictorial sense; sound waves move through air, which has nothing to do with 2-dimensional depictions of wave forms in audio editing. I have edited audio for twenty years and have never once thought about drawing wave forms, since neither screen readers nor Braille displays can translate drawn wave forms into any output I can comprehend. At times, I admire what is evident to sighted musicians simply by glancing at wave form depictions of audio. However, I classify that admiration in the same group as my admiration for a myriad visual manifestations of beauty.

Orlando Enrique Fiol

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