Re: Question regarding interpunction reading

Lukasz Golonka

On Mon, 4 Jan 2021 14:05:24 +0100 wrote:
I've been using JAWS and NVDA 2017 (prior big update) for a long time. Recently I have installed the current version of NVDA.
Just to make sure by current version you mean NVDA 2020.3 - right?

It seems like there have been made changes regarding how interpunction is treated in the text-to-speech modules. NVDA pauses much longer at the end of sentences for example. I believe brackets are also treated differently, creating longer pauses. This pausing, probably having some advantages, dramatically slows down how fast I can go through texts and confuses me when working.
what synthesizer are you using now, and what synth were you using with
NVDA 2017?


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