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On Mon, Jan 4, 2021 at 01:32 PM, Chris Smart wrote:
I'm finding this whole discussion fascinating, even though it is clearly off-topic.
As am I, and am thrilled with all the twists and turns its taken.  So long as it drifts staying within the original topic, which has an exception to the group rules about topic, all is fine and dandy, as anyone not interested can mute it at will.

And the topographic, for lack of a better term, analogy is definitely far better, and entirely comprehensible, whether one has or has had vision or not.  I never thought about it until you used it, but I don't imagine there's a human being alive that, at one point or another, whether on paper, in the sand, running one's hand/arm/fingers along a wall, has not actually drawn out a sine wave whether they realized that was the shape being made or not.  It's just such a common, organic form.  For those "of a certain age" whose mothers (most likely) sewed, if you've ever felt the trim called rick-rack it's the perfect example of a sine wave.  Think zig-zag with rounded peaks rather than sharp, pointed ones.

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