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On Mon, Jan 4, 2021 at 01:39 PM, tim wrote:
I'm saying that your entire model and justification is flawed because you are still using what you know, not all the methods that are available to sighted people, thus you are using circular logic.
Sighted people have been using "point and click" and GUI virtually exclusively for decades now.

You love splitting hairs and wanting to argue that I am not taking into account the rare exception case.  I am not now, nor am ever, interested in discussion of the rare exception cases when what is dirt common is what's the focus.

And, Gene, believe it or not, and no insult intended, I do actually know a lot more about how the sighted computing world works than you ever can, or will, based strictly on what you have offered about yourself.  When it comes to this arena, I actually am the subject matter expert, not you.

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