Bug? Office365: Word, Headings in Elements dialog not working

Dan Miner

I got this small 2 page document which has about 9 headings in it.  I put NVDA in browse mode, pressed NVDA+F7 to bring up the Elements dialog which defaults to showing Links (odd unless it’s the last one used ?IMHO).  I press ALT+H to switch to headings.  NVDA becomes unresponsive for several seconds and then finally returns with no headings in the tree view.  Also, changing the radio buttons from links, charts, etc will cause the same unresponsive state as well when landing on headings.  However, if I use the quick navigation keys in the document by pressing H, it will happily take me to each one.  It also registers the heading level and will go to the proper level with pressing 1-6.


Anyone else seeing this?  I can probably include the document if needed.



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