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Brian, you wrote:
"Saying that someone who's never been able to see, "are expected to
know how things look, to the best of our ability," is the equivalent
of saying, of a totally deaf person, that they "are expected to know
how things sound, to the best of their ability." It's a completely
meaningless concept to someone who has never had a given sense, and
even I will say that it's insulting to expect something of someone
that their own sensory palette makes impossible in any meaningful

Well, Brian, what I think she's saying is that as a blind person we
really need to understand certain concepts. While a congenitally blind
person may not truly be able to understand all aspects of the color
yellow, for instance, they do need to understand that yellow is closer
to the color of the sun when someone sees it than blue is, for
example. They should also understand things like it's lighter than
black or navy, for example, but not quite as light as white,if for no
other reason than to sort laundry.

& on another note, believe me, I wish I had a tutorial on what sighted
folks see on their cell phones. This is technology that took place
quite a few years after I lost my eyesight, so I don't really have
much concept of a hamburger menu or the messages icon or how other
icons appear on the phone. Makes it harder to teach the hubby how to
operate his. Lots of times I just put Voiceover on & show him what I'm
doing, but if he needs help from afar, he's kinda screwed. Sometimes I
do wish screenreaders, including NVDA, perhaps as part of the input
mode, ie, press it twice, could give icon descriptions. The truth is
that while we may not be able to understand everything you see, & you,
in turn, might not be able to understand all that we experience, it's
still good to try to narrow the gap, where possible. & it might also
create additional employment opportunities for us, especially in the
field of technical support, if we knew these things, because that is
how the majority of people relate to their devices. W/o being able to
explain things in terms the majority can understand, we're pretty much
relegated to working for organizations that cater to the
blind/disabled, & that's a pretty narrow scope.

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