Re: possible bug with Numpad Nav Mode add-on


The numpad is reserved by NVDA for other uses. the add-on evidently doesn't allow for the use you want. I don't know the technicalities of how the add-on works, but it isn't just a case of changing something. When it was initially introduced, it didn't allow for the use of numpad insert insert numpad down arrow to start read to end. Then, after it was requested that this ability be added, it was. In this case, evidently this would have to be added. But is there enough interest and benefit in doing so? Since you can use the down arrow key on the main keyboard, why does this matter to any extent?


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From: Bob Cavanaugh
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Subject: Re: [nvda] possible bug with Numpad Nav Mode add-on

What makes you say that? With every other screen reader I've used, it
doesn't matter which arrow key I use. Why should NVDA be any different
with the appropriate add-on?

On 1/4/21, Andre Fisher <> wrote:

Seems like a Windows bug.

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