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On Mon, Jan 4, 2021 at 04:04 PM, Devin Prater wrote:
Our performance tests hinges upon students' knowledge of keyboard commands and their ability to perform them. I also agree that
using a search engine should be stressed more.
Just putting it out there that this was my metric, too, when doing private tutoring.  It wasn't about achieving a grade, but achieving a minimum proficiency with doing what you need to do using a screen reader to do it.

Now, I hasten to add that the vast majority of my students are formerly sighted, and had computer experience from that period.  It's really about re-learning to do the things you did in non-point-and-click mode.

Several of the things that anyone must be able to do are;  read email, browse the web, web search.   Most also need to know the basics of using a word processor, too.  It was about getting someone to where these things were "easy compared to where they started out" but I never had enough time to make them absolute wizards with anything.  But I wanted them to be proficient enough to do ongoing exploration, with trial and error, on their own.  And I wanted them to realize that no one can ever cover all features of a screen reader or other complex software in any realistic sense.  There will be times where you realize you need to do something then have to seek out the how.  And seeking answers to non-trivial "hows" and rarely used features is exactly what groups such as this are about.  I'm constantly learning about things I had not realized existed because the need for same had never occurred during my travels.  I'll probably be in my grave before I could know each and every nook and cranny of NVDA.

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