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On Mon, Jan 4, 2021 at 05:57 PM, Betsy Grenevitch wrote:
I am so technologically challenged that most manuals are not written in a vocabulary or step order that I am able to follow.
And you're far from alone in that.  Believe me, even for computer geeks there is an awful lot of documentation that leaves a very great deal to be desired.

Betsy, you know I've lent you a hand directly on occasions, and I would be happy to keep doing so in regard to polishing your web and/or archive search skills such that you know the process for zeroing in on what you're looking for in a very great many cases.  That would be a great Chat Subgroup topic for any and all who want to join in and improve such skills.

It's impossible to get things such that you will likely get the one and only answer that's the one you prefer, but at least you can get something that will allow you to plow through the minimum number of search results to get maximum information.  It's an art form where, when teaching it, I try to teach people to "aim for the middle by being as specific as one reasonably can," then either becoming less specific if you get nothing or next to nothing, or supply a few more specific terms in the search if you're inundated by many thousands of results.  You, and anyone, can develop the skill that allows you to turn a fire hose down to a syringe and any volume in between.

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