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Hi Brian

Would I be able to use your tutorials up on the Accessibility website for others to reference. I would combine the tutorials into one page with headings to jump down to each section.

If allowed they would most probably go to the nvda tutorials for other programs page.

I would like to have your name there as a contributor unless you do not want me to add it there.

If I was to change any thing it would just be the name of the web page using .... with nvda if you get what I mean.

Gene nz

On 5/01/2021 12:02 pm, Brian Vogel wrote:

Hello All,

          Someone just wrote to me privately asking about using Mute this Topic and noting that he was asked to log in to, which you absolutely will need to do on occasion, as what keeps track of the topics you mute is associated with your account.

           When you subscribe to any group, the e-mail address you used to do so becomes your login ID and an account, that is "without password but can't be logged in to on the web until you set one," is created.  

Here are several tutorials I've written that will allow you to set things up so that you can use the advanced features that gives you:

Establishing a Website Account Password If You’ve Been an E-Mail Only User (docx) - The most basic, and first thing you must do.  This information is repeated in the tutorial on controlling the mail you get from, but I made a standalone version that only covers the steps to do this.  Once you do this, the Mute this Topic link becomes a "click and its done" affair provided you logged in using the browser that's your default browser and haven't closed that browser and cleared cookies.  Mute this topic uses the web interface, but not in such a way that you need to interact with it, you just need to have access to your account, which means just staying logged in once you are logged in.

Changing the Email Address for Your Account (docx) - If you ever want to ditch your current email address, and have subscribed to multiple groups using it, you need not unsubscribe from all of them and resubscribe with the new address.  You can simply log in to your account and change the email address associated with it.  Doing so will also change your login ID to that new email address rather than the one you were using.

Controlling the Messages You Receive via E-Mail from (docx) - The title says it all, and there are some very nifty tricks you can use to get exquisite control over what lands in your inbox and under what conditions for any group to which you're subscribed.

I am happy to give additional information on anything that might not be clear in the above tutorials.  It's to all of our advantages that each member knows how to get what they want out of the experience.


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