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          I have no problem with anyone using any of my material with attribution.  And I have no problem with it being reformatted to be more screen reader friendly or medium friendly (e.g., webpages versus documents, which use different formatting conventions).

          I don't really care if a "with NVDA" is tacked on, but I will say that I go to some pretty great lengths to be as screen reader agnostic as I can.  As an example, I may say something like, "Navigate to the close button and activate it."   How you, as an individual do that with the screen reader you're using is not something I attempt to explain, as these tutorials do not have screen reader skills as their focus.  But if you wish to NVDA-ify some of it to be much more explicit, be my guest.  You'll see that Timothy Wynn revised the section regarding how to set advanced preferences with a screen reader, and this screen-reader centric version was superior to my original, so in it went with attribution.

I only wish I were paid for the material I've generated over the years, but I never generated it with monetary compensation being the expected end.  It's a sort of casting of my bread upon the water . . .

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