Re: Admin's Notes Re List Conduct, Please Read #adminnotice

Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 07:24 PM 1/4/2021, Brian Vogel wrote:
I'd say because your specific needs are not broadly shared, which is
not to say they're wrong. User bases as a whole tend to request
feature updates they want most the most frequently, and that figures
in to prioritization.
I totally get that, which astonishes me even more. Screen readerss entire purpose is reporting screen contents; as such, users should be able to configure the order in which those contents are spoken and change that order on the fly, saving different configurations as needed. I'm surprised that at this stage of NVDA's development, we have to explicitly request this "feature". It would be like requesting a newly-launched car model to contain brakes or a check engine light.

Have you ever looked at the GitHub issues (specifically open ones) for
NVDA to see if what you're asking for is even "on the radar screen"?
Sometimes things you'd think might be just aren't, and it's because
most either don't need it or no one has ever made the effort to put in
an issue.
I admittedly have not, since I mainly use JAWS and Window-eyes. I only invoke NVDA when those two can't deliver the goods.

One of the great things about NVDA is that there exists a
far more direct line to the development team from the end users via
GitHub than exists for other software.
Which dismays me even more. A screen reader created largely by and for blind users should have configurable verbosity order baked into its first alfa version.


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