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On Mon, Jan 4, 2021 at 07:55 PM, Orlando Enrique Fiol wrote:
Seriously, whenever I try to activate notifications in the actions center, they disappear rather than open the webpages I know they should. Let's say I get a Youtube notification from a subscribed channel. I expect that pressing enter, space or a simulated left mouse click on the notification will cause my default web browser (Chrome) to open with the relevant video loaded. Instead, nothing happens. That's right. whether I press space, enter or simulate a left-click, nothing happens. All the actions center notifications have become little more to me than teasers for videos and news headlines I will never explore in depth as my sighted counterparts do by simply clicking those notifications.
First, I will tell you that your experience is not limited to you, or those using the keyboard.  The action center has always been flaky, at least for me.

Second, this is one of those situations where it's easier in many instances to use my literal ability to see what is, or is not, happening to solve an issue.  If, at some point, you have a long list of notifications in the action center, and we could arrange a Quick Assist session with a simultaneous phone call, I can see and listen to see if I can determine what a root cause might be.  It can sometimes be user error, but sometimes it's absolutely not.  But having actual examples, currently active, and observing what occurs is the best way for me to get a handle on why something may be falling through the cracks.  There are a number of people here who have "been there, done that" with me, because it was impossible for me to figure out what was actually happening (or not happening) sans certain visual cues that mean a great deal when I see 'em.

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