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On Tue, Jan 5, 2021 at 02:51 PM, Betsy Grenevitch wrote:
Brian, I would love to have that type of training. I would need the time to be able to write down specific notes and steps to follow so I could relate to them later as they will not be remembered
Then I would really, really encourage you to engage in the Chat Subgroup where you can engage in Q&A to your heart's content, and ask at your own pace.

My only suggestion is that you give specific requests, e.g., Can someone walk me through ordering an item on Amazon?, rather than something like, "Can someone teach me how to shop online?"   The second question is just too broad to be answered, as sites vary wildly as to the exact details of their interfaces, while single sites like Amazon tend to be as close to 100% consistent as they can be, regardless of what you're ordering.

Were this to be an accurate example, and the thing you want to order is not private in nature, even stating what that is can be really helpful for anyone who wants to assist.  You can give far more exact descriptions of what the person who's asking will actually encounter.

It has been my experience that once someone has confidence on how to do a defined thing in a specific venue, they can generalize to a related thing in that specific venue relatively easily.  And it's far easier to teach or guide when you as the teacher or guide know what the destination is.

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