Re: Add-on version 21.01 released: Enhanced Touch Gestures, Resource Monitor, StationPlaylist, Windows 10 App Essentials #addonrelease

hurrikennyandopo ...


You must have the following add on installed into nvda called add on updater which can be found at <>

After it has been installed into nvda it will then look for compatible add ons and look for a newer version of that add on.

I think you can also force it to look for updated add ons by going to tools then check for check for add on updates then follow directions.

there are some I guess call third party add ons which will not work with it until a add on author makes it compatible with the add on updater.

I mean by this they may come off other websites.

So they will not be updated.

Gene nz

On 6/01/2021 10:41 pm, aad leeflang wrote:
hello joseph,

i am not so familiar with nvda but i use the station playlist ad-on.
i understand that i can jupdate the ad-on to use it with station playlist 5.30.
you wrote that you can update add-ons by using the updater.
i have been looking at the add-ons in my list but there is no update add-on button there.
can you please tell me how i can update them?

many thanks,
aad leeflang

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