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To select contiguous items, just use shift. To select items that are not contiguous, hold control and down arrow until you get to something you want to select, and press space while still holding shift. Continuing to hold control, down arrow and when you find another file you want to select, press space again. That is how list views work in general. If you are in a list and you have moved so something is already selected and you want to start at the top with nothing selected, move to the top of the list with the up arrow or home. You have moved to the first item in the list. It is now selected. Unselect it with control space. Then, I am assuming you don't want it selected, press control and start down arrowing as I described. If you move to the top of a list and want the first item selected, it already is. If you hold control and down arrow, it will remain selected. it will remain selected if you use shift down arrow as well.


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You should not need to use Ctrl while doing this; Shift + ↓ will extend a continuous selection. Using Ctrl + Shift + ↓ seems to continue a non-continuous selection from the last selected item (IE the one nearest above where you are in the list). With that in mind, are you trying to use Ctrl+Shift+↓ in a list view where nothing is selected? If so, try pressing Space on the item you want to be the first selected item, then using Ctrl+Shift+↓.

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