On Intentionally Marking Any Groups.io Message as Spam - DON'T #adminnotice


Hello All,

Before I begin, let me say clearly that I do understand that it is possible that an e-mail service provider may mark a Groups.io message as spam incorrectly, and when this happens, I implore you to contact your provider and tell them that they need to stop doing so.  No Groups.io message can be spam, by definition, because you must subscribe to receive it.  No subscription-only messages can be spam, because spam is unsolicited and unwanted email.  So if that's happened, let them know that's not OK.

Now, on to the central point, which is about a member of any Groups.io actually marking a message as spam/junk because they don't like the content, are bored with a long topic, or similar:  DON'T DO IT.  When you mark a message, any message, as spam, this is not just dumping it in to the spam folder in your e-mail client, but starts a feedback cascade where that information is shared with your e-mail service provider and where that message is added for possible inclusion for spam matching criteria, and these get shared among email services.  If only a few people report a Groups.io message (or that from any other subscription service) as spam in rapid succession, it can end up in all messages from that service being blocked by multiple email providers.

Groups.io gives you the ability to exquisitely control the messages you receive, and if you want to stop content for a single topic use the Mute this Topic option to do that.

The above is triggered because I, as a member of group administration, received the following message from Groups.io:
Subscriber was removed for marking a message as spam

This is to notify you that xxx@... has been unsubscribed from your group nvda@nvda.groups.io because message Re: Admin's Notes Re List Conduct, Please Read was marked as spam. Note that this may have been done by their email service provider, not by the individual member personally. They've been given a link that lets them quickly resubscribe, in case this was an error.

If you have any questions, please visit our help center.


You will often end up being unsubscribed from a group if you mark any message as spam, because anyone getting messages should know that the only way they should be getting them is because they chose to subscribe.

So, please, do not ever intentionally mark a message from Groups.io or any subscription-only email service as spam, and if your email service does this automatically, please contact their support and tell them to remove Groups.io from their spam blacklist, since anyone must subscribe to get any Groups.io message.

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