Re: On Intentionally Marking Any Message as Spam - DON'T #adminnotice



           Please, for the love of heaven, pay attention to what I, and others, write.

           I anonymized the message, but it's almost certain that someone who is a member of this group used the mark as spam option of their webmail or email client.  No one should, under any circumstances, for any message, ever do that for a message that they have received from a service they subscribed to.  Unsubscribe, or mute the topic, but do NOT mark it spam.

            I suggest you read up on Email Feedback Loops and the havoc they can, and do, wreak.  I would like to prevent that for our members, thanks very much.  Your contention about marking something as spam often enough is just fine, if the thing is actually spam.  But if it isn't, that's another story.  No message from is spam because you asked for it, directly, by subscribing.

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