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Chris Mullins


It’s not the wrong command, you just need to understand how it works.  Control+shift+Down Arrow checks the selection status of the file in focus and applies the same selection status to files traversed by subsequent presses of the command.  When you first enter File Explorer, focus is on the top file of the list but the file is not selected, so subsequent presses of Control+Shift+Down Arrow did not select any files.  Had Control+Spacebar been pressed first to select the top file, subsequent files traversed would also have been selected.  This functionality makes it a more ergonomic command to use than the Control+DownArrow and Control+Spacebar to select command combination in situations where you are mostly selecting non-contiguous blocks of files.






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It’s the wrong command.  In a list, when you are selecting using shift, just

use shift.



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When I use ctrl+shft+downarrow or ctrl+shft+downarrow to select one or more

files, nothing is selected.  I have tried changing scroll lock, testing my

keyboard under Windows 10 and other MS suggestions but to no avail.  Any

thoughts here?




Many thanks.
















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