any idea what's happening here?

ken lawrence

Hi NVDA list strange event.  I flipped through my email today as always and for some weird reason, the TV listtings message I get from NFB newsline which is well made and can be read with no problem can’t be seen by either NVDA or narrator.  I can see the heaers and the download message as picture and open message in a new window but for some weird reason no headings links or anything.  It’s as if the message is blank a whole day’s worth of TV listings based on the channels I set as favorites is invisible.  I shutdown and restarted both NVDA and the computer altogether and it’s like it’s never read the thing before.  Similar to that when the computer first starts it’s like a tv set warming up like in the old days NVDA can’t seem to tab forward or back it’s slow to respond to commands and slow loading pages.  Any idea why the computer can’t recognize a message it has seen maybe a couple hundred times now? 


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