Sue J. Ward

Hello. I was wondering is the documentation for the OCR section in NVDA will be updated in the next version of NVDA cause I did download a couple of attachments they are JPG files and I did save them in the documents folder since am on a windows 10 machine with everything up to date. When I go to the file in the list of files when I land on that file was wondering should I open up the file then do the command nvda plus R, cause I do a nvda plus r command it says recognizing results and a second later it says done. Where do they go after the stuff has been recognized? When I do tab around I don't see another window open up displaying the results. Where do I go from here? Any help would be great. I hope in the next version of Nvda it will explain it in more detail. When I did it with Jaws it did a much better job, it sure would be nice if NVDA could do something similar.
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