Re: any idea what's happening here?


hello luke.
about com registration fixing tool, one time i tested it when i did
not have any problem in my firefox.
nvda stopped working in firefox completely!
i sent email for you off list today.
God bless you!

On 1/8/21, Luke Davis <> wrote:
Do you happen to have an older day's listing message that you can test to
see if
you can still read?
The idea being to determine if it suddenly happens like this on all of their

messages, even ones that worked previously (your problem), or if it's just
particular one (probably their problem).

Have you tried NVDA+n, t, r, to run the COM Reg Fixing Tool? It can
resolve the "web documents acting strangely" issue.

Although I doubt it will help here, it is still worth doing.


By God,
were I given all the seven heavens
with all they contain
in order that
I may disobey God
by depriving an ant
from the husk of a grain of barley,
I would not do it.
imam ali

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