Re: how to solve captcha problems?


Well having a small site I did admins on, captchas are not really that good.

V3 needs a lot of work and v2 and well thats allready hacked.

Finally I solved spam with an email registration plugin so you verified via email.

That prevented spam accounts from registration but stilled unconfirmed spam accounts to the database.

I then added something else which will delete every user and post and completely destroy the entire website and its databases unless you are in the whitelist.

There are 4 users that need to be there, and so there is no issue.

I also had a spam reg stopper which I configured and a few other things.

Thats not going to work with a website with a million admins or authors unless you manually put them in which I guess you could do.

There is no captcha, or anything its just hard wired to destroy anything that doesn't look ok or doesn't post for a week.

Its quick and clean, of course if the whitelist ever got destroyed then you would have to start from a clean install, but you would have to get every backup destroyed to so the world would have to end pritty much first before that happened.

It works for a small blog but its probably a bit clunky for anything over that.

On 9/01/2021 5:31 am, Brian Vogel wrote:
I have to say that these days, the generic statement "they have a captcha," isn't particularly useful simply because there are a number of different captcha mechanisms in active use, and how one handles each of them is different.  Most also now have an alternative to any of the most common and standard visual challenges that require the use of point and click, and those are usually presented as a link that needs to be activated to start the process.

But without either a URL where someone trying to help could at the very least encounter the captcha method being used, it's virtually impossible to give any sort of generic advice on captchas as a class these days.

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