Re: Descending tones no longer play


I've found that when those descending tones are missing when I shut
down or restart NVDA it's time to press the Windows plus b key
combination and press enter on any extraneous NVDA listings.
Apparently something stops NVDA from closing properly and it remains
semicomatose. I've had as many as six in there after restarting NVDA
several times with one of them being the workingh one; all the others
go away after pressing enter on them.


On 1/8/21, Damien Garwood <damien@...> wrote:
Hi Roger,
I don't think that's an NVDA issue. If it's anything like mine, the
audio driver is disengaging before NVDA has a chance to play the sound.
That's either a Windows or audio driver issue.

On 08/01/2021 06:07 pm, Roger Stewart wrote:
I've been noticing that lately the descending tones indicating that nvda
is closing no longer are heard when closing Windows. They still play if
I either manually restart or shut down nvda so that is all good. Maybe
it's something Windows changed in an update or something. Just wondering
if anyone else has noticed this as well.


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